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Learn How To Choose The Best Life Policy For YOU

Our quick, ten-lesson course is designed to teach you the basics of life insurance, and to show you how to wisely pick the policy that is just right for you, your family, and your budget.

The course is meant to be used as a guide, first through the big decision on which type of plan to select as well as the coverage amount and length, and then through the quote process.

Because we don't want to bore you, it contains just the key concepts written in plain, easy to understand English, to help you quickly grasp how life insurance works, so that you can make the best decision about your policy.

Live long and prosper!

There Are Ten Quick Lessons in the Course:

Lesson 1: Reasons for needing life insurance.
Lists the many reasons for buying a life policy, and explains each in detail.

Lesson 2: The main types of life insurance policies.
Describes the two main kinds of life plans, term and permanent.

Lesson 3: The price you pay for protection.
Describes the "nature" of insurance, and how premiums are set.

Lesson 4: The factors that determine your insurability.
Outlines how insurers determine your risk profile.

Lesson 5: Choosing your coverage level.
Provides two methods for estimating the coverage you will need.

Lesson 6: Choosing the right coverage term.
Shows you how to determine the ideal term or duration for your life policy.

Lesson 7: When and where to buy your life policy.
Shows you how to get the best quotes for life insurance plans in your state.

Lesson 8: What to watch out for when buying a life policy.
Warns against making wrong decisions when buying life insurance.

Lesson 9: How to lower your monthly premium.
Explains how you can save money on your policy, now, and in the future.

Lesson 10: Quick review of the course.
A quick run-down of the course, and links to more resources.

Life Insurance for as Little as $15/Month?

Premiums can vary by as much as 50% for the same coverage and options, so it pays to get quotes from as many reputable insurers as possible.

With our partner USAA, you can find the ideal combination of premium price and top-notch service that you'd expect from a top-rated carrier.

USAA, normally only offers most of its services to military members, veterans, and their families, however, life insurance is the exception. Now, anyone can get the great pricing and customer service for which the company is known and loved for by their customers.

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