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Your In-Depth Guide to Life Insurance

To get the best possible deal on your life policy you must understand how life insurance works, what goes into your premium, and how rates are set.

Use our guides (see the full list below) to learn about specific insurance topics, or take our quick and easy life insurance course, which will teach you everything you need to know to make a smart and most importantly informed policy buying decision.

Life Insurance for as Little as $15/Month?

Premiums can vary by as much as 50% for the same coverage and options, so it pays to get quotes from as many reputable insurers as possible.

With our partner USAA, you can find the ideal combination of premium price and top-notch service that you'd expect from a top-rated carrier.

USAA, normally only offers most of its services to military members, veterans, and their families, however, life insurance is the exception. Now, anyone can get the great pricing and customer service for which the company is known and loved for by their customers.

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Life Insurance Guides

Our guides cover all aspects of life insurance, from whom to make your beneficiary, to how rates are set, to policy adjustments.

Get Started With The Basics

The Basics | How to name your beneficiary | How much coverage do you need? | Low cost life insurance | Company ratings

Is A Term Or Whole Policy For You?

Term vs. Whole | Term life insurance | Permanent policies | Understanding "cash-value" | Whole life | Universal life | Variable life

How To Get An Accurate Quote

Getting good quotes | Term life quotes | How term life insurance rates are set | Whole life quotes

Understanding The Application And The Policy

Intro | The application | Policy riders | Clauses and exclusions | Clauses that protect YOU | Clauses that protect the insurer | Policy illustrations | The medical exam

What Your Policy Can Do For YOU

Benefits of insurance | Mortgage protection | Saving for college | Retirement planning | Estate planning | Charitable giving | Business protection

Making Changes To Your Policy

Policy adjustments | Changing your coverage level | When to increase | When to decrease | State regulations

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