Health Insurnace Course



Learn How To Choose The Best Health Plan For YOU

Our quick, ten-lesson course is designed to teach you the basics of health insurance, and to show you how to wisely pick the plan that is just right for you, your health, and your budget.

The course is meant to be used as a guide, first through the quote process, and then through your choice of plans and health care providers.

Because we don't want to bore you, it contains just the key concepts written in plain, easy to understand English, to help you quickly grasp how health insurance works, so that you can make the best decision about your policy.

To your health!

There Are Ten Quick Lessons in the Course:

Lesson 1: Introduction to health insurance plans.
Introduces key insurance concepts that are specific to health policies.

Lesson 2: Choosing the right health plan.
Describes the main types of private insurance health plans.

Lesson 3: The Costs of Your Policy - Deductible, Copayments, and Coinsurance.
Outlines both the out-of-pocket and fixed costs associated with most health plans.

Lesson 4: Balancing coverage and cost.
Explains how certain sacrifices with managed care lead to lower monthly premiums.

Lesson 5: Things to watch out for when choosing a plan.
Points out certain policy options that you should pay attention to carefully.

Lesson 6: All about health savings accounts.
Explains why a Health Savings Account could be the key to saving on your premium.

Lesson 7: Time to compare health plans.
Shows you how to get the best quotes for plans in your state.

Lesson 8: How to evaluate insurers.
Shows you how to evaluate prospective insurers so that you can be confident in your plan.

Lesson 9: Choosing your health care providers.
Explains how to evaluate the doctors and hospitals in your new network.

Lesson 10: A quick summary of the course.
A quick run-down of the course, and links to more resources.

Compare health plans and get instant quotes:

The search for the best coverage at the lowest price starts with comparing as many plans as possible from providers in your area.

To choose among the hundreds of plans available to you, use our fast and free comparison service to get quotes from major insurers in your state:

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