Health Insurance Course

Choosing the right health plan for you and your family is one of the most important decisions you can make. And with the new health care law, it is even more important that you choose wisely. Let our course help you along.

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Lesson Index

 1: Introduction to health insurance plans.

 2: Choosing the right health plan.

 3: Deductible, Copayments, and Coinsurance.

 4: Balancing coverage and cost.

 5: Things to watch out for when choosing a plan.

 6: All about health savings accounts.

 7: Time to compare health plans.

 8: How to evaluate insurers.

 9: Choosing your health care providers.

 10: A quick summary of the course.

Auto Insurance Course

It's true: you really can save $300-400 (or even more) on your auto insurance. But you need to learn how insurance works, and what parts of the policy allow you to save. Our course will show you all this, and more.

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Lesson Index

 1: The Importance of Good Coverage.

 2: Auto Insurance Policy Basics.

 3: The "Philosophy" of Insurance.

 4: The Three Rules That Will Save You Money.

 5: Keep Your Coverage Consistent.

 6: Costs That CAN Be Lowered.

 7: Insurance Costs That Are Harder To Avoid.

 8: Get the Policy That's Right for YOU.

 9: Get the Price That YOU Want.

 10: How to Keep Lowering Your Rates

Life Insurance Course

Our quick ten-lesson course is designed to teach you the basics of life insurance, so that you may make the best decisions about the type of policy, coverage and term length that are right for you and your budget.

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Lesson Index

 1: Reasons for needing life insurance.

 2: The main types of life insurance policies.

 3: The price you pay for protection.

 4: The factors that determine your insurability.

 5: Choosing your coverage level.

 6: Choosing the right coverage term.

 7: When and where to buy your life policy.

 8: What to watch out for when buying a life policy.

 9: How to lower your monthly premium.

 10: Quick review of the course.

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